School Internet Rules

1. Never write anything that is rude or insulting. Never threaten, bully or intimidate other users. If you can't think of anything nice to say about someone, then don't say anything at all.

2. Don’t send lots of silly messages in emails, blogs or Forums - that is called Spamming. This includes sending chain mail, asking people to 'pass it on'.

3. Don't use this for 'Chatting up' other members or anything to do with “boyfriend/girlfriend stuff”. This is for mates NOT dates!

4. Never give or ask for any contact details - like your surname, home address, phone number, home email, MSN messenger, Bebo, Facebook, My Spaces, Club Penguin or other similar contact information. You should not even talk about anything to do with this kind of personal information.

5. Keep your password a secret. NEVER give it to anyone else or ask them for theirs. 
Never let ANYONE ELSE use your account.

6. Don't give a lot of personal details about you or your family. If you do write about your family or friends, ask for their permission before you send it in. Also, don't upload personal pictures or anything that can identify you, your family or where you live.

7. Respect the copyright code, only upload things that you have created yourself or you have permission to use. Don't copy people's ideas without their permission. 

8. NEVER EVER make arrangements to meet someone from another school.

9. Only use the Emergency Bell if you see or read something that is VERY upsetting or that seriously breaks the rules.